Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthdays & Pain

This month Mike & I both had a birthday….getting yet again, another year older. The first of the month I turned 32, catching up to Mike for a couple of weeks. Mike has been wanting to take me to a Japanese steakhouse for awhile. There is one in Brighton, the next city to the East, but time & finances never would be in sync. This year they finally were. For my birthday he took me to Sagano’s Japanese Steakhouse. Mike had told me about the cooking style, but it was different to see it in person! It was awesome being able to watch & interact with the chef while he was making our meals. The show was impressive, but the food was AWESOME! We both had a combination meal of grilled shrimp & filet mignon. There was SO much food that I took more then half of mine home. I am normally like that though with restaurant meals, just get full easily. I enjoyed my left overs the next day, as well as my dad did too…..LOL.

We weren’t too sure what to do for Mike’s birthday a couple of weeks later. My birthday dinner kinda dented our budget for eating out. Everything ended up working out great. My wonderful in-laws, Brenda & Clark, gave me a gift card to Olive Garden! Only one of my top favorite restaurants. Mike & I decided to use that as his birthday meal. It was so nice to have a couple of date nights. We don’t get out much, even though we try. Mostly ends up being my fault, due to my leg pain. Just the movement of the car on the road aggravates my leg pain, of course increasing the pain & making me miserable company. So, we both began another year of life…which is always a good thing!

I have such a sweet husband. He knows I love to read, but books get kind of cumbersome. Especially when I have surgeries & doctors appointments. So, for Valentine’s Day Mike surprised me with an Amazon Kindle. I have only had it for a couple of weeks, but I love the thing! It is very easy to use & I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read. I just finished reading my first full book on it….the new adaptation of “Red Riding Hood”. It is based on the movie coming out in March. I loved the book, so really looking forward to seeing the movie.

The Kindle came in handy the past week. On Friday, the 18th, I was finally able to have the trial of the Spinal Cord Stimulator. dph_Product Shot_largeThe picture shows the product that I will be implanted with. For my trial the leads were inserted in my spine, with the wires connecting to the battery pack outside my body. Then I had the remote to control the intensity of the electric current. Before getting the trial, I was nervous, scared & excited…all at the same time. I knew this was going to work & be the answer. The nervousness & fear came from the unknown, not knowing exactly what was to happen. I am SO glad I decided to allow the trial. My doctor & physical therapist were hoping for a 50% reduction in my pain…heck I would have been thrilled with that. The pain reduction was closer to 85-90%! It was such an amazing feeling, to have hardly any leg pain! I had forgotten what it was like to not have that pain, so when I had that reduction in pain….I was unsure of what to do & how to act. I couldn’t do much due to the restrictions because of the device. I wasn’t able to bend or twist at the waist for the duration of the trial, because there was a chance that movement could move the leads.

One activity really showed how well the stimulator worked. When we go to the grocery store, I normally ride in one of the electric carts because the walking (on average 30-40 minutes) would put me in horrendous pain. While I had the trial, we made one of our trips. I chose to walk…knowing this would be a test of how the stimulator really worked in a normal & regular activity. This trip was so different for the past 2 years. After walking the store for 30 or so minutes, I had more back pain from the surgery site then I did leg pain. My leg pain was hardly there. It was an amazing feeling to finally not feel much of anything. Well, I had a tingling feeling that replaces the pain signal.

After 1 week I had to get the trial stimulator removed. There are various reasons why it can’t be left in place. Partly due to risk of infection, since it gave a straight shot to my spinal column. I knew I would have the device removed, I thought I was ready for it. I wasn’t ready for it…not even close. I had forgot what it felt like to have minimal pain, so it was so hard having the relief taken away & the pain given back. The past 2 days I have been in a depressed mood, because of the pain being back. But I know that I will get the permanent device. It is just a matter of time. Monday I have to call the neurosurgeon to start the process. I have to keep reminding myself that I can make it through the remaining time of pain. I have a great support system. Mike is such an amazing husband, he is my rock so much of the time. I am so blessed to have him…it takes a special man to be able to handle all that I go through. When I am in such bad pain…I tend to get a really bad attitude. I don’t mean to & don’t realize my tone until after the words have left my mouth. I apologize as soon as I realize how I said something…Mike always tells me not to worry about it, that he knows it is the pain talking & not me. I love him so much. One day I will be able to return that favor. I also have great support from my parents, in-laws & friends. The Lord is always with me, helping me through. I know the end of this pain is in sight.

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bronwen said...

YAY!!!! We love you Lovice! This is the answer you've been waiting for.