Thursday, January 27, 2011


I know that I am not the best at given updates, but thought it was time.

Mike recently had his work contract extended by 22 days, which is awesome! We are so trilled, it may be just 22 days, but that is 2 pay checks. Last week I guess I came down with some kinda of stomach bug. I spent last Thursday with my head over the trash can most of the day. Feels nice to finally be able to eat food again without it making me nauseous.

I have some great news! I got the call yesterday to schedule my spinal cord stimulator trial! It is set for February 18th!! I am so happy & relieved, but also nervous. Nervous because it is surgery. But if it works they way we are hoping, it could completely change my life! I am not expecting it to take the pain away completely, but even for it to take a percentage away would be wonderful. This is the latest news.....

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